What to expect from Together for Nutrition 2015

Photo Credit: Save the Children, 2014

Photo Credit: Amerti Lemma, Save the Children, 2014

We have seen significant improvements in child nutrition in Ethiopia over the last 5 years - under-five child stunting rates dropping from 58% to 40%, wasting dropping from 12% to 9%, and underweight prevalence declining from 41 to 25%. Yet, there is still a lot of work to do.

This Monday we have our eagerly awaited conference, Together for Nutrition 2015 in Addis Ababa. We are drawn together from across many sectors to learn, share and collectively work together to improve nutrition in Ethiopia.

During the conference, you’ll hear from leading experts from a global and local perspective, policy-makers on food and nutrition issues in Ethiopia, as well as from those who’ll share their findings on the positive impacts different interventions have had on nutrition in recent years.

With such excellent work on nutrition taking place in the country, but with limited sharing of expertise, we believe this event will not only be useful and informative, but will also give you a chance to learn from and interact with those engaged in the latest research and policies that affect nutrition. We’ll see participation from: researchers at universities and other institutions, such as IFPRI; NGOs, such as UNICEF, CARE, Save the Children; donors, such as the Gates Foundation, USAID, DfID, World Bank; policy makers and many other health professionals offering rich contributions to the nutrition debate from all aspects.

We are certain that by pooling knowledge and expertise on this critical and vital topic, we’ll be able to unitedly work on positive changes that are already evidenced in Ethiopia. And, by doing so, encourage each other to contribute more, however big or small, to policy making and progressive investment decisions for nutrition here in Ethiopia.

We are excited about joining together to accelerate change!

Written by: Petra Brown and Bart Minten, IFPRI