Presentations (June 15, 2015)


Symposium introduction


Welcome and symposium overview

Bart Minten, Program leader, ESSP/IFPRI

Scaling up impact on nutrition: Global perspectives

Stuart Gillespie, CEO Transform Nutrition, IFPRI

Nutrition policy issues in Ethiopia

Ferew Lemma, Ministry of Health

Food and nutrition in Ethiopia: Trends and drivers

Chair: Alem Abay, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)


Nutrition in Ethiopia: An emerging success story?

Derek Headey, IFPRI

Food consumption changes in Ethiopia

Mekdim Dereje, ESSP/EDRI

The impact of social protection programs in Ethiopia on children's nutritional status

Guush Berhane, ESSP/IFPRI

The role of nutrition-specific interventions in shaping nutrition behaviours

Chair: Yewelsew Abebe, Alive & Thrive


What role can behaviour change interventions play in Ethiopia? Evidence from "Alive and Thrive"

Sunny Kim, IFPRI

An examination of the dynamics of nutrition program implementation in Ethiopia: Facilitators and constraints

Masresha Tessema, EPHI

Assessing the impact on child nutrition of Ethiopia's Community-based Nutrition (CBN) Program

Jennifer Crum, Tulane University and UNICEF

Agriculture, gender and nutrition

Chair: Yakob Mudesir Seid, Fewsnet


Nutrition and children: Results of four rounds of the Young Lives project

Tassew Woldehanna, Addis Ababa University

Production diversity and children's diet

John Hoddinott, Cornell University and IFPRI

Women's empowerment in agriculture and nutritional outcomes

Feiruz Yirmer, ESSP/EDRI

Ethiopia's biofortification potential

Michael Tedla Diressie, HarvestPlus/IFPRI

New horizons for social science research on nutrition in Ethiopia

Chair: Namukolo Covic, IFPRI


Seasonality and household diets in Ethiopia

Kalle Hirvonen, ESSP/IFPRI

Remoteness, welfare and nutrition

David Stifel, Lafayette College and ESSP/IFPRI

Moving forward: Food and nutrition policy and the role of research in Ethiopia

Chair: Alemayehu Seyoum Taffese, ESSP/IFPRI

S.Gillespie and B.Minten

Perspectives on the role research can play in shaping food and nutrition policy in Ethiopia

John Hoddinott (Cornell University and IFPRI)

Habtamu Fekadu (Save the Children)

Ellen Piwoz (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

Masresha Tessema (Ethiopian Public Health Institute)

Symposium close

Stuart Gillespie, IFPRI

Bart Minten, ESSP/IFPRI


Programmatic experiences of working across sectors to improve nutrition in Ethiopia